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The core utils package provides many essential linux binaries:

As there are quite a few different binaries provided by coreutils, a key based on color has been provided to narrow them down into the following categories:

  • File utilities: Green
  • Text utilities: Yellow
  • Shell utilities: Blue

Binary nameBinary function
/bin/basenameRemove leading directory components from a given directory listing.
/bin/catUsed to concatenate files and print them to stdout.
/bin/chgrpUsed to change group ownership
/bin/chownChange file ownership and group membership
/bin/lnCreate hard and symbolic links between different files.
/bin/lsList files and directories on the filesystem
/bin/mkdirCreate a new, empty directory
/bin/mvMove a file to a different location on the filesystem.
/bin/pwdOutput the Present Working Directory.
/bin/rmRemove a file, directory, etc. from the filesystem.
/bin/rmdirRemove a directory from the filesystem.
/bin/touchCreate an empty file on the filesystem.