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ego is Funtoo's official system personality management tool, designed to eventually replace the venerable eselect from Gentoo Linux. Daniel Robbins created a new meta-tool to replace eselect because eselect has a couple of design issues. It requires extensions to be written as shell scripts, which is a big limitation. With the advent of Funtoo's modular profile system, eselect profile was becoming cumbersome to use, and I needed to make the tool faster and more feature-rich. Ultimately, shell scripts are too slow and too hard to use to implement advanced functionality.

ego is a meta-tool that works similarly to eselect. Typing ego will show a list of available commands. Some of the benefits of ego over eselect are that ego modules can be implemented in any language. In addition, the ego architecture is designed so that the modules are themselves stand-alone commands, which allows you to access these sub-commands using shortcuts. For example, epro is a shortcut for ego profile.

Ego Modules

profileeproProfile management -- see Funtoo Profiles for usage information