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& Requested Document Updates

  • persistent irc backend daemon/service for hexchat to connect to, i guess "attach." irssi-proxy then hexchat proxy configurations, nice manage irc from a centralized location. probably need to fork ebuild & add init.d / conf.d scripts for proxy mode, if it's not already forked.
  • arch has irssi instructions
  • & ebuild...
  • No results
  • reverse dependency resolution... not once emerge pkg --tree is said or equery depends pkg on the entire wiki?
  • more email stuff....
  • dkim/spf dns configurations probably under bind, not sure if dnsmasq supports that stuff.....
  • auto logins (for startx, lxdm, and others if they're possible)
  • entropy stuff no.1 benchmarking rngtest, need a test command to benchmark bits per second generated ensure production grade viability.
  • more entropy stuff cryptographically secure & otherwise. (csrng, timer_entropyd (seems broken), clrngd (crashes does nothing), video-entropyd (slow to generate), haveged (seems like a good answer) hardware sources of entropy onerng, truerng... we need to be able to slam out tons of secure ssh keys/gpg keys/ssl keys quickly with confidence.

industrial stuff

  • we need plc stuff
  • we need cad/cam/cnc stuff, g code generation

stuff drobbins requests