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Funtoo Linux offers a number of mechanisms for running a 32-bit or 64-bit environment within a chroot or a container. This page lists the various wiki pages and methods available to you.

Instructions on how to set up LXD, a Funtoo-supported container technology, which allows you to run Gentoo, Funtoo, or other Linux distributions in a container within Funtoo Linux. GPU/Video acceleration inside the container is supported. Audio inside the container is supported (PulseAudio only.) If you want to use ALSA, see 32-bit Chroot. This method is not currently recommended for Steam.
Docker is our official mechanism for supporting Steam under Funtoo Linux. See Steam for more information.
Less targeted, but more technical instructions for using one of Funtoo's own 32-bit stage3 tarballs to set up a chroot environment. This is suitable for WINE or Steam.
32 bit chroot environment for Wine
Instructions for how to set up a 32-bit chroot for running the WINE Microsoft Windows emulator, using a 32-bit Gentoo stage3 tarball as the source image.