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This information should be migrated to the appropriate ebuild pages.

This is the list of ebuilds we have forked so far by alphabetical name (if you are looking for the ebuilds specific to Funtoo, please refer there):

Ebuild Version Changes/Notes TODO app-shells/bash 4.3_p42 Has funtoo patch to document use of /etc/bash/bashrc QA: Impact on manual pages?
net-wireless/iwl5000-ucode Forked to a new version not in Gentoo. This version checks the kernel revision in /usr/src/linux and dies if it is < 2.6.38 and add a dependency on sys-kernel/gentoo-sources >= 2.6.38. Nothing
sys-fs/lvm2 2.02.145 TBC Nothing
sys-kernel/genkernel Multiple changes - doesn't build LVM internally (uses Funtoo static version), supports external build directories, includes Sabayon patches, toolchain improvements N/A
sys-libs/glibc 2.22 Funtoo's glibc 2.22 is equivalent to Gentoo's 2.22 with minor changes into eblits handle. Nothing