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The harvester/2022-10 branch was the second harvester branch! It was created on Sunday, October 02, 2022


Thanks to the following contributors:

Integration Testing


You can view the harvester branch itself.

Included Changes

  • Replaced 'egrep' with 'grep -E' in eclasses that used it (FL-10583).
  • Update util-linux to fix CVEs on 1.4-release without autogenned ebuild (FL-10246).
  • Added eselect 1.4.14 directly to core-kit curated with ffs bash path patch (FL-10625).
  • Cleaned up eselect-rust (direct commit).
  • Cleaned up sys-devel/gcc and the GCC bootsrap (direct commit).
  • Added autogens and ebuilds for ibus-rime, dependencies and fixes for zinnia-tomoe (FL-10592).
  • Had dev-python/pytz autogen use the pypi-simple-1 generator with standard template as opposed to pypi-1 generator with custom template to make it more robust (direct commit).
  • Added autogens and ebuilds for rime, its dependencies and fixes to zinnia-tomoe (FL-10592).
  • Firefox-106.0 with new distribution.ini inline autogen template (FL-10519).
  • Fixed app-i18n/pyzy installation problems and some small issues (FL-10591).
  • Added autogens for dev-libs/libbsd and app-crypt/libmd (FL-10569).
  • Removed 1.2.12-fix-crc-calculation.patch from sys-libs/zlib (FL-10610).
  • Made sys-libs/ncurses static on 1.4-release and autogened on Next (FL-10609).
  • Updated dev-libs/libx86emu: added autogen to fix compile errors and keep it up to date (FL-10588).
  • Added KEYWORDS="*" to app-arch/gzip ebuild (FL-10551).
  • Fixed sys-fs/jfsutils for next (FL-10587).
  • Disabled unicode useflag on sys-libs/ncurses dep from all tmpl files, and made ncurses unicode IUSE non-default (FL-10593).
  • dev-libs/libxml2 updated to 2.9.14-r1 (FL-10272).
  • dev-libs/expat updated to 2.4.9 (FL-10547).
  • app-arch/xz-utils-5.2.4-r3 included on 1.4-release (FL-10551).
  • dev-libs/libtasn1 updated to 4.19 (FL-10566).

PR specific testing

app-crypt/libbsd and app-crypt/libmd autogen FL-10569

  • Ran doit to generate the ebuild.
  • Emerged the ebuild both on 1.4-release and Next
  • Emerged all the dependencies both on 1.4-release and Next

Every dependency that could be emerged without unrelated fails, built cleanly with the new versions of these libraries. 6 dependencies on each release failed to build for unrelated reasons, so they could not be tested for compatibility with the updated libraries. The list of dependencies tested can be seen in the PR description.

Replacing 'egrep' with 'grep -E' in eclasses FL-10583

No systematic, specific test was run for this change, as it's not expected to have a high impact on anything, but the edited eclasses were left in the developer's machine and have been used while emerging other packages ever since, without presenting any issues.

Generating Firefox-106.0 ebuild with distribution.ini inline autogen template

  • Ran doit to generate the ebuild.
  • Copied the ebuild to local overlay.
  • Emerged it.
  • Ran the application: success.

Adding autogens and ebuilds for rime, it dependencies and fixes to zinnia-tomoe FL-10592

Pre-harvester merge testing description:

Rime and related:

  1. Installed and merged all packages added/modified here
  2. Extensively used all packages in the pr for more than a month
  3. Installed, tested and used multiple rime plugins by installing them trough plum


  1. Fixed the issue of the machine learning models by passing a link trough artifacts for the download
  2. Merged zinnia, zinnia-tomoe and ibus-handwrite(the only application that currently uses these libraries)
  3. Used ibus-handwrite for over 2 months without issues


  1. Compiled and merged pyzy with the +opencc USE flag for the PR that fixes its compilation here.
  2. Also compiled, merged and tested ibus-pinyin because it depends on pyzy
  3. Compiled and merged librime, which depends on OpenCC to compile

All USE flags except for debug and test flags were tested by merging the resulting ebuild, reemerging and usage testing the given packages' frontends