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Active Community Activities

Below you can view all active community activities related to the Funtoo:Telemetry Project. Community activities are open to all and you are encouraged to get involved! To learn more about how to get involved, please see the Funtoo:Telemetry page.

   Phase4 - active
Started on 17 March 2022

Deploy any new Prometheus related infrastructure including Prometheus instances and Prometheus exporters to measure different metrics all throughout and across the Funtoo internal infrastructure.

All Activities

This section lists all activities for the project, including not-yet-started and completed activities.

activity status start date end date issue prev next kind
activity status start date end date issue prev next kind
Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase4 active March 17, 2022 Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase3 development
Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase3 ongoing March 15, 2022 FL-9559 Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase1 development
Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase2 ongoing March 10, 2022 FL-9365 Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase1 livestream
Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase1 completed February 9, 2022 March 22, 2022 FL-9365 livestream