Corenetwork 1.7.0

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Corenetwork 1.7.0 is a regular release which was released on 20 April 2022.

New Features

This is primarily a minor tweak of the 1.7.0_beta1 release. There is extensive new functionality compared to prior non-beta versions of corenetwork, and all this new functionality is documented in the corenetwork 1.7.0_beta1 release notes. Please consult these release notes for detailed information.

In addition to the changes in 1.7.0_beta1, several 1.7.0 netif.d scripts have been updated to use lowercase variable names. This may impact your network configuration if you are using any of the following network scripts:

  • bridge-dhcpcd
  • macvtap
  • wireguard
  • wpa_supplicant

Breaking Changes

This release enforces interface names for consistency. Interfaces must be named following the convention netif.eth0; if a service is named any other way, such as net.eth0, it will not start.