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Page Created On Summary Author Maintainer Organization Source URI Reference Bug FLOP Status
FLOP:A Kernel Configuration Tool December 27, 2021

Let's configure kernels according to ebuild data.

FLOP:An Ebuild Abstract Syntax Tree December 27, 2021

Let's Create An Abstract Syntax Tree for ebuilds.

FLOP:Automatic FS Snapshots November 14, 2012

Present proposal pretends to be the "big picture" of integrating snapshotting capabilities of modern CoW filesystems like BTRFS/ZFS in portage. Such an integration will enable sysamdins to easily recover from a disaster coming from a clunky update (or worse, a silent and catastrophic libpng-like upd

User:Palica User:Palica
FLOP:Boot-Update Redesign December 3, 2013

This page describes a proposed rewrite of boot-update.

User:Drobbins User:Drobbins Approved
FLOP:CPE tagger April 15, 2020

lets tag the ebuilds with NIST NVD CPE so that is more reliable

FLOP:CVE Monitoring January 21, 2020

Let's monitor the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) list and flag packages in the current portage tree accordingly. Posting bugs on for affected packages could be automated to a significant extent.

User:D4g33z FL-6938
FLOP:Ebuild Ecosystem February 28, 2014

This FLOP describes new wiki-based infrastructure to allow users to identify ebuilds that are important to them, and collect docs for these ebuilds.

User:Daniel Robbins User:Daniel Robbins
FLOP:Enterprise Guides January 12, 2014

Guides for a Funtoo Linux Enterprise Setup

User:Golodhrim User:Psychopatch User:Golodhrim User:Psychopatch Funtoo Linux
FLOP:FAEPyPI December 10, 2019

Funtoo Automated Ebuilds - Python Packaging Index - A python3 based application that will periodically query PyPI (Python Packaging Index) servers for metadata of identified packages. If an update is necessary, the application will further parse the metadata and transform the information to prod

User:Digifuzzy User:Digifuzzy
FLOP:FFmpeg January 31, 2015

Funtoo Linux prefers FFmpeg. Some enlightenment about our choice and why we prefer this or could switch to alternative in future.

User:Oleg User:Mgorny User:Oleg FL-844
FLOP:Foreign language support February 20, 2014

As suggested by Duncan Britton, here is a wiki page about a request for supporting foreign languages.

User:Aramis qc User:Aramis qc FL-1097 Implemented
FLOP:Form-to-submit-wiki February 24, 2014

Extend FLOP form submission to standard wiki pages.

User:Aramis qc
FLOP:Funtoo Kernel Config-Blobs April 25, 2017

Kernel configuration helper, kernel-seeds enhancement/continuation.

User:Palica FL-3737 Awaiting review
FLOP:Funtoo New Ebuilds January 3, 2014

This is a proposal for a Web page similar to

User:Aramis qc User:Aramis qc
FLOP:Funtoo System Config-Blobs April 30, 2017

Add ability to manage all kinds of system configuration with use of a helper program and for example master-less saltstack.

FLOP:Improve mesa handling May 16, 2018

Improve handling of mesa and related packages to allow installation of multiple versions concurrently and selection between them. Create mesa-kit with one or more branches (-prime, -beta, -dev, -bleed) for each version in the tree.

FLOP:Kerberos V implementations February 6, 2015

Funtoo supports two binary-incompatible Kerberos V implementations: MIT and Heimdal. Ebuilds supporting both need to properly depend on them to ensure rebuilds.

User:Mgorny FL-2093 Pending Review
FLOP:Metarepo signing March 17, 2020

Commits in metarepo could be GPG signed and then ego could verify those signatures

FLOP:No-systemd system February 9, 2015

How systemd sneaks in into Funtoo, and possible solutions for removing it.

User:Mgorny FL-2091
FLOP:Ports-2015 February 23, 2015

Collection of ideas and changes for the ports-2015 tree. The goal is to perform many scheduled changes with a single user configuration change.

User:Mgorny FL-1877
FLOP:Release Engineering July 28, 2013 User:Jonathan Vasquez User:Jonathan Vasquez
FLOP:Release Signing User:Brantgurga User:Brantgurga
FLOP:SquashFS sync February 27, 2015

An alternate syncing method using SquashFS Images and deltas. Meant for stable systems where frequent updates aren't necessary, offering reduced bandwidth and disk space use, and improved speed.

User:Mgorny FL-2138
FLOP:Universal Funtoo January 12, 2023

Specify a sequence of operations on a Funtoo stage3 image in an architecturally agnostic way and execute them in a container.

FLOP:User and Group Management July 11, 2011

This page is intended to describe an implementation for user and group management in Portage, following the spirit (but not exact implementation) of GLEP 27.

User:Daniel Robbins User:Daniel Robbins