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Page name support summary
Funtoo:Ego ego boot full

Support for managing GRUB bootloader under Funtoo Linux.

Funtoo:Ego ego profile full

Support for managing Funtoo Linux profiles, flavors and mix-ins.

Funtoo:Ego ego sync full

Support for running Funtoo Linux meta-repo synchronization on end-user systems.

Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap fchroot full

Fchroot is the QEMU-powered tool that is used to chroot into non-native architectures under Funtoo Linux.

Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap ffs full

"FFS", or "Funtoo from Scratch", is a repository located at which contains automated build steps for bootstrapping Funtoo, with support for x86-64bit, arm-64bit and powerpc-64bit.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux ISO full

Macaroni supply ISOs for Live experience and for install a new system through Calamares installer

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux Luet full

The Macaroni PMS

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux luet-portage-converter full

Golang tool used to convert JSON reposcan files in Luet specs.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux luet-repo-devkit full

luet-repo-devkit is a development tool to retrieve the list of packages missing on a luet repository and clean the old packages.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux LXD Containers full

Macaroni LXD containers are available over the Simplestreams Server. See macaroni docs

Funtoo:Media Desktop Environments Support full

Media-kit may include media-related packages to support all desktops in our Support Matrix: GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, MATE, LXQt, XFCE, Enlightenment, as well as additional window managers OpenBox and FluxBox.

Funtoo:Media media-kit audio full

Media-kit includes support for popular audio frameworks, libraries, APIs, formats and codecs, as well as some 'essential' audio playback applications.

Funtoo:Media media-kit graphics full

Media-kit includes common bitmap/vector graphics format frameworks, libraries and APIs, photo-related support libraries (RAW, EXIF), and 'essential' graphics applications such as Imagemagick.

Funtoo:Media media-kit hardware full

Media-kit includes libraries related to accessing physical music, video and game media such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, as well as media-oriented libraries and protocols related to such functionality, including Firewire.

Funtoo:Media media-kit typography full

Media-kit includes core font libraries as well as the core font selection in Funtoo.

Funtoo:Media media-kit video full

Media-kit includes core AV frameworks including gstreamer, libraries, video formats/codecs and APIs, as well as 'essential' video playback applications.

Funtoo:Media PipeWire partial

PipeWire (aka media-video/pipewire, also see PipeWire on Gentoo Wiki) is not yet officially supported in Gentoo or Funtoo. There are several ebuilds that optionally depend on PipeWire. This is OK. If your ebuild can use PipeWire, it should conditionally depend on it via a USE variable, and this functionality should default to off via Funtoo USE settings. Also of note is that the various things that depend on PipeWire in Funtoo/Gentoo sometimes have different USE variables, generally focused on the name of the feature enabled, rather than a USE variable of pipewire. See FL-9407 for more information on PipeWire in Funtoo. We are open to a project to officially add PipeWire support to Funtoo, but this should be an organized effort rather than just having PipeWire 'silently depended upon' with new incoming PRs. This would create unnecessary untracked dependency on PipeWire in our default builds of Funtoo which we don't want.

Funtoo:Metatools funtoo-metatools full

The tooling that powers Funtoo ebuild management, autogeneration, curation and distribution.

Funtoo:Metatools subpop full

The simple plugin-oriented framework that supports metatools.

Funtoo:Networking corenetwork full

The Funtoo network configuration scripts

Funtoo:New Install Experience First Boot full

"First Boot" includes looking out for users when booting from temporary install media (LiveCD/LiveUSB.)

Funtoo:New Install Experience Install Guide full

This project oversees the Install Guide and the steps required to install Funtoo Linux, ensuring that they are correct, succinct, easy-to-understand and as simple as possible.

Funtoo:New Install Experience New User Documentation full

Also handled by this project is all new user documentation on the wiki, beyond the Install Guide itself.

Funtoo:New Install Experience Second Boot full

"Second Boot" means when the user boots into Funtoo Linux itself, and this area focuses on successful startup and hardware support.

Funtoo:New Install Experience Translation full

The translation effort on the wiki is centered around the key documentation needed for new users and the installation process.

Funtoo:Next-Release Beard Trimming full

See Beard Trimming -- this is the next-release effort related to reducing the size of meta-repo by removing unused packages.

Funtoo:Programming Languages Python full

Python is the first-class language for portage-based distributions like Funtoo.

Funtoo:Programming Languages Ruby full

Ruby support is crucial to Funtoo users.

Funtoo:Telemetry Core Prometheus and Grafana Bin Autogens partial

Convert all Prometheus and Grafana related Gentoo staging packages to funtoo-metatools autogenerated binary packages, that dynamically pull the latest release from the associated package's GitHub Releases

Funtoo:Telemetry Core Prometheus and Grafana Source Autogens none

Create new funtoo-metaltools powered compile based autogenerated packages that build from the upstream Prometheus related package source code

Funtoo:Telemetry Funtoo Prometheus Exporter none

Engineer a custom Golang Funtoo Prometheus exporter on that can expose all types of fun and useful Prometheus metrics about a Funtoo Linux system

Funtoo:Telemetry Funtoo Prometheus Infrastructure Integration none

Deploy any new or needed Prometheus related infrastructure including Prometheus instances and Prometheus exporters to measure different metrics all throughout and across the Funtoo internal infrastructure.

Funtoo:Telemetry with Discord Alerts Feed Channel none

Create and launch a publicly viewable Grafana Site running atop Funtoo Infrastructure to visualize all Funtoo Infrastructure related Prometheus data. Instrument a new Discord channel called #alerts-feed that streams Prometheus Alertmanager Alerts directly to Funtoo Discord Server and to the community regarding infrastructure health

Funtoo:User Services full

The bug tracker.

Funtoo:User Services cd/ci full

Funtoo CD/CI service to integrate QA and automation.

Funtoo:User Services CDN full

This represents all CDN-related functionality used for distributing Funtoo stage3's and distfiles.

Funtoo:User Services containers full

Containers hosting service.

Funtoo:User Services datacenters full

The User Services project oversees all datacenter/colocation efforts related to Funtoo infrastructure.

Funtoo:User Services Discord full

This represents the Funtoo Discord server.

Funtoo:User Services forums full

The forums at provide a dedicated discussion site for Funtoo-related topics.

Funtoo:User Services funtoo-auth full

Funtoo-auth is the backend authentication/user management system that is used for account creation and hooks into Jira, Bitbucket, the wiki and forums.

Funtoo:User Services git repositories full

This represents all efforts related to Bitbucket, GitHub, etc.

Funtoo:User Services monitoring full

This represents all work related to monitoring Funtoo infrastructure.

Funtoo:User Services Telegram full

This represents the Funtoo Linux telegram channel.

Funtoo:User Services wiki full

The funtoo wiki at serves as the central hub for the Funtoo community documentation and main Web site. This represents the production operation of the wiki (wiki content, as well as wiki development are not considered part of User Services and should be handled by other projects.)

Funtoo:User Services/Mottainai cd/ci full

Funtoo CD/CI service to integrate QA and automation.

Funtoo:User:Mtao/Graphics OpenGL full

A common 2D and 3D rendering engine.

Funtoo:User:Mtao/Graphics Vulkan full

A new low-level 2D and 3D rendering engine.

Funtoo:Wikiverse Community Content full

Wikiverse oversees all community-created wiki content.

Funtoo:Wikiverse Install Guide partial

While the Install Guide lives under the wiki and thus Wikiverse has some influence on it, the content of the Install Guide is managed by the New Install Experience Project.

Funtoo:Wikiverse Templates and Extensions full

Wikiverse oversees all wiki-related extension work, as well as template work (which often involves leveraging the extensions on the wiki.)

Funtoo:Wikiverse Translation full

Wikiverse oversees all Wiki translation activities.