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Support for CJK languages on Funtoo.

This project will bring full support for CJK to Funtoo. As a first step, we will be autogenning all the packages that work with app-i18n/ibus. We might support other input methods, according to the demand.

If you are a CJK user, please tell us about your experience on Funtoo's Discord server. In particular, we need someone who would be willing to test the Korean support, as we already have people using Chinese and Japanese.

If you'd like to join this effort, please check out the main issue on Jira, which is where we are currently centralizing all the issues related to Multilingual Support for Funtoo, at: .

If you have any issues or suggestions of improvement related to CJK support, do not hesitate to file a bug report at All feedback is welcomed.

What we are doing now.

As Funtoo “next” didn't have support for any Input Method, we decided to start supporting the one that is standard on Gnome, which is app-i18n/ibus. So far, we have support for multiple engines for Japanese and Chinese input, as well as Korean, Vietnamese and other languages.

If you'd like to try it out, just follow the instructions found in the dedicated Package:IBus page to set it up and start using it.

Planned activities

  • Support for app-i18n/fcitx5 and related engines.
  • Make available a good selection of multilingual fonts.
  • Full support for CJK on console based applications, such as vim, mutt, mc and w3m.
  • Support for CJK on tty terminals.
  • Simplifying configuration through specialized eselect modules or epro (you shouldn't have to follow a tutorial just to set it up -- you should be able to switch between languages or input methods with one simple command).