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   Activity Info
Parent ProjectFuntoo:Telemetry
Start Date10 March 2022
End DateNone
Jira IssueFL-9365
Activity KindLivestream


Create new funtoo-metatools powered compile based auto-generated packages that build from upstream Prometheus related source code.


Here are the general objectives of Phase 2 of the Telemetry Project:

  • Create traditional source compiled YAML Group autogens for all Official Prometheus/Grafana upstream software from Phase 1
  • Leverage Funtoo Autogen technologies from the Metatools Project to auto-generate all these new packages so they automatically stay up to date with their upstream GitHub Releases
  • Similar to Phase 1, create Pull Requests for all autogen contributions during Funtoo Community Live Streams on Discord


Here are current blockers for Phase 2 of the Telemetry Project:

  • March 10, 2022:
    • Related Bug: [FL-9300]
    • Figure out how to run run npm install and build commands as part of a Golang ebuild
    • Long story short Prometheus's latest ReactUI requires some ReactUI web assets that are statically linked within its Golang binary and need to be present before building the Prometheus Golang binary