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This page documents the editing guidelines for the Funtoo Wiki.

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the the Funtoo wiki!

Before we get started, it's a good idea to review what kinds of changes to the wiki we're looking for, and what kind of changes we're not looking for.

Most of the time it's good to document stuff. But because we want Funtoo Linux to be as seamless an experience as possible, sometimes the best approach is to use IRC or forums for support, or file a bug on our bug tracker. See the table below for the types of wiki edits we consider to be OK:

Type of EditOK?
Grammar/spelling fixesYes
New wiki contentYes
New package informationYes
Adding to existing articleYes
Adding missing/incomplete informationYes
Making correctionsYes
Adding workarounds to problems experienced, esp. install issuesMaybe not - try forums or IRC first, and possibly open bug first on bug tracker.

The basic concept is this -- some complications should simply be fixed in Funtoo rather than documented for users as ugly workarounds. So be aware of types of issues that may fall into this category and take appropriate action such as filing a bug. We want the Funtoo experience to be as straightforward as possible, especially for new users. Now that that's out of the way, please browse the subpage links at the top of the page (in green) to familiarize yourself with Funtoo editing guidelines -- and have fun!