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Install Guide: Chroot into Funtoo

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To set up your Funtoo Linux system, we need to "enter into" it before we boot. If you are using the Funtoo Linux LiveCD, this can be easily done with the fchroot command:

root # fchroot /mnt/funtoo
fchroot #

The fchroot command will take care of all necessary steps to enter into your new Funtoo Linux system, as well as clean up things when you exit the fchroot by typing exit or ctrl-D.

If you are using another LiveCD or USB media to install Funtoo, you can manually chroot by using the following set of commands:

root # cd /mnt/funtoo
root # mount --rbind /proc proc
root # mount --rbind /sys sys
root # mount --rbind /dev dev
root # cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/funtoo/etc/
root # chroot . /bin/su --login
chroot #

For users of live CDs with 64-bit kernels installing 32-bit systems: Some software may use uname -r to check whether the system is 32 or 64-bit. You may want to append linux32 to the chroot command as a workaround, but it's generally not needed.


If you receive the error "chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error", it is most likely because you are running a 32-bit kernel and trying to execute 64-bit code. Make sure that you have selected the proper type of kernel when booting your live CD.

Test internet name resolution from within the chroot:

chroot # ping -c 5

If you can't ping, make sure that /etc/resolv.conf specifies a valid IP address for a reachable nameserver in its nameserver setting.

Congratulations! You are now chrooted inside a Funtoo Linux system. Now it's time to get Funtoo Linux properly configured so that Funtoo Linux will start successfully, without any manual assistance, when your system is restarted.

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