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For Korean speakers Funtoo provides only 1 package for Korean support in ibus, ibus-hangul which is the de facto standard for typing in Korean in ibus

If any issues arise, or you might want another Korean input method to be added to our ibus package list, please submit a bug report to the bug tracker


Simply run

root # emerge ibus-hangul

After the installation finishes you are now ready to type in Korean, to add the input methods open ibus-setup, navigate to the Input Method tab, click the Add button on the side panel and search for Korean, click on the option and there should only be Hangul available as an option

ibus-hangul provides multiple keyboard layouts, Hanja input and shortcut settings, they can be accessed by clicking on the Korean - Hangul input method in the ibus-setup GUI, then clicking on Preferences in the side panel, a popup window will open allowing you to change the available settings