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Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Launch

What we are suggesting people do, who want to be involved, is to simply go to "Cross Linux From Scratch", pick a build, and follow their documentation to bootstrap by hand. As you do this, take notes! Note what little changes you need to make to get the instructions to work.

development Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap February 1, 2022 February 28, 2022 completed Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Phase 2
Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Phase 2

With the launch activity complete, we now can fchroot into our cross environment. The next step is to document on one wiki page how to build up a Funtoo-like environment from within this initial fchroot, without using Portage. But the final thing installed should be Portage.

development Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap March 1, 2022 completed Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Launch
Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Phase 3 Funtoo

For this phase of development, we use evolved bootstrap to build up a functioning stage1 tarball for Funtoo.

development Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap May 15, 2022 completed Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Phase 2
Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Phase 4

Evolved Bootstrap is now successfully building a Funtoo Stage 1. We have successfully integrated this stage1 into Metro. The documentation for how to do this can be found at Funtoo:Metro/Evolved Bootstrap.

development Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap June 15, 2022 October 10, 2022 active Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap/Activities/Phase 3 Funtoo
Funtoo:KDE/Activities/KDE Next 5.24

Add KDE 5.24 to Funtoo Next

development Funtoo:KDE May 24, 2022 July 5, 2022 completed FL-9884

Create and publish KDE Plasma Stage 3 for Funtoo next

development Funtoo:KDE ongoing FL-8510 Funtoo:KDE/Activities/KDE Next 5.24
Funtoo:MATE/Activities/MATE Next 1.26

Update MATE 1.26 on Funtoo Next

development Funtoo:MATE October 26, 2022 ongoing FL-9952

dev-lang/ruby: Buffer overrun in String-to-Float conversion (CVE-2022-28739)

development Funtoo:Ruby April 13, 2022 April 15, 2022 completed FL-9686 Funtoo:Ruby/Activities/Ruby3Next

Add the latest upstream supported versions of Ruby 3.0 and 3.1 to Funtoo Next using Funtoo Metatools

development Funtoo:Ruby April 13, 2022 active FL-9695

Convert all Prometheus and Grafana related Gentoo staging packages to funtoo-metatools auto-generated binary packages, that dynamically pull the latest release from the associated package's GitHub Releases. Also, during this Phase, the initial foundation of Telemetry Project auto-generated templates will be worked through so it can be evolved during Phase 2.

livestream Funtoo:Telemetry February 9, 2022 March 22, 2022 completed FL-9365

Create new funtoo-metatools powered compile based auto-generated packages that build from upstream Prometheus related source code.

livestream Funtoo:Telemetry March 10, 2022 ongoing FL-9365 Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase1

Engineer a Prometheus Exporter for Funtoo Linux

development Funtoo:Telemetry March 15, 2022 ongoing FL-9559 Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase1

Deploy any new Prometheus related infrastructure including Prometheus instances and Prometheus exporters to measure different metrics all throughout and across the Funtoo internal infrastructure.

development Funtoo:Telemetry March 17, 2022 active Funtoo:Telemetry/Activities/Phase3