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Funtoo:AWS February 8, 2022
  • Initial project page created.
  • Ebuilds for v2 exist in Seemant's git repo on bitbucket
  • Ebuilds will be autogen'd during livestream sessions with @siris
Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap February 1, 2022

Official project launch. Gekman and drobbins are leading the effort. What we are suggesting people do, who want to be involved, is to simply go to "Cross Linux From Scratch", pick a build, and follow their documentation to bootstrap by hand. As you do this, take notes! Note what little changes you need to make to get the instructions to work. Linux From Scratch is a great project. Cross Linux From Scratch is a sub-project which is not always as current as LFS but it has a cross-build toolchain as its foundation. As our own 'from scratch' project evolves, we want to also reflect the positive qualities of the LFS projects by having each bootstrap step documented in a guide. The different with the 'evolved bootstrap' project is that this effort will eventually build a Funtoo image, and it will be automated - but, we will start by just doing the manual upstream CLFS process, observing, and then I will build out a portion of metatools to autogenerate bootstrap scripts to do everything automatically. So start here: -- pick a book, and start whittling away. The last time I did a CLFS build, a few packages needed patches so they would compile with the newer version of glibc on funtoo systems. CLFS tends to trail LFS by quite a lot. If you desire to try more updated versions of packages in your CLFS build, please do, and take notes on any tweaks if any that were needed to get the new version to work.

Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap February 10, 2022

We are currently working on a community-oriented warm-up activity to get familiar with the cross-compile process using CLFS. Pnoecker is pushing through the CLFS build process while Drobbins is working on automating the build streamlining it as much as possible.

Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap February 22, 2022

Fchroot 0.2 prerelease is being tested on our shared alkaline-dev-1 server. It allows us to chroot into alternate architectures using QEMU. It now has PowerPC support as well as several other improvements.

Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap April 7, 2022

The "Funtoo From Scratch" ffs repository now has the ability to build arm-64bit and powerpc-64bit initial native environments, which can then be fchrooted into. See How Can I Get Involved for easy steps you can follow.

Funtoo:KDE July 5, 2022

KDE 5.24 is now live in the Funtoo next-release and available to beta testing for Funtoo next users.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux March 26, 2022

luet-portage-converter v0.9.0 is been released. It adds provides/conflicts support and the possibility to split layer yaml over the include_layers attribute to help CD/CI integration.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux March 26, 2022

Macaroni Systemd release is 60% now automatic. See Readme.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux April 3, 2022

luet-portage-converter v0.10.0 is been released. Fix the bump of the packages with a new revision but with same version. It helps to identify packages to rebuild. Now it's possible define annotations for luet specs globally for all packages defined in a spec file.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux May 14, 2022

Macaroni uses now static uids/gids for core groups/users and begin to have a more integration with tool "entities" (released with a new version 0.9.1) The following software was released: luet v0.24.0, luet-portage-converter v0.10.6, pkgs-checker v0.13.0

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux May 30, 2022

Macaroni Phoenix release now begin to have the same automation available on Macaroni Systemd. This permits now to start the review of luet tool to reach a stable condition.

Funtoo:Metatools February 22, 2022

drobbins is working on the "master" branch of metatools. With the 1.0.2 release, mongodb is no longer a dependency.

Funtoo:Metatools February 28, 2022

Drobbins is working on "master" branch, specifically merge-kits, and getting this working fully (currently, "legacy" branch is used for tree regen). This involves upgrading release YAML, implementing support for "sourced" kits, and testing.

Funtoo:Metatools March 15, 2022

Metatools git master now can successfully regen the tree in "dev" mode. It doesn't use mongodb, or threading like the previous incarnation, but is still faster than the older threaded version. This is an important milestone -- soon we will be using this version for production tree regens.

Funtoo:Metatools April 15, 2022

Metatools 1.0.3 has been released, with a bunch of improvements including support for running merge-kits.

Funtoo:Networking April 15, 2022

Corenetwork 1.7.0_beta1 has been released and will be appearing in next-release shortly. Our last release was 1.6.5, almost 4 years ago! See the extensive improvements in the release notes.

Funtoo:Programming Languages June 21, 2022

Ruby update: The efforts to modernize the Ruby Programming Language in Funtoo next have began. Development is underway and we are close to bringing the latest Ruby versions from the 3.0 and 3.1 releases with some updated RubyGems to Funtoo next. Check out this preview of Ruby 3.1.2 running on Funtoo next: Ruby 3.1.2 IRB on Funtoo next

Funtoo:Telemetry February 9, 2022
  • Grafana-bin v8.3.4 autogen has been created via Funtoo Discord Live Stream hacking event and merged, making it available in Funtoo 1.4 (autogened to v8.3.5 and v8.3.6 days after)
  • Prometheus node_exporter v1.3.1 autogen has been created, merged, and is available in Funtoo 1.4
  • Partial autogen.yml foundation for single binary Prometheus exporter GitHub released tarballs has been created. Subsequent autogens of Official Prometheus upstream and community exporters can leverage reuse this work directly.
Funtoo:Telemetry February 12, 2022
  • Prometheus-bin autogen created and merged, making it available in Funtoo 1.4 and next (autogened to v2.33.1, v2.33.2, and most recently v2.33.3)
  • Alertmanager-bin autogen created and is in code review.
  • The latest Prometheus, Alertmanager, node_exporter and Grafana bin CatPkgs all have been tested locally via their OpenRC init scripts and are working on Funtoo 1.4
  • Here is a screenshot of the beginnings of a Funtoo node_exporter Grafana dashboard dashboard, all powered by the above software on a local Funtoo 1.4 system:
node_exporter funtoo grafana dashboard
Funtoo:Telemetry February 14, 2022

Alertmanager-bin v0.23.0 and blackbox_exporter-bin v0.19.0 auto-generated packages are now available in Funtoo 1.4 and next

Funtoo:Telemetry February 15, 2022

Memcached_exporter-bin 0.9.0 and redis_exporter-bin v1.35.1 auto-generated packages created during a Funtoo Discord Community Live Stream and are now available in Funtoo 1.4 and next

Funtoo:Telemetry February 18, 2022
  • FL-9455 app-metrics/blackbox_exporter_bin autogen failing was mitigated during a Funtoo Discord Community Live Stream
  • Consul_exporter-bin 0.8.0 auto-generated package created during a Funtoo Discord Community Live Stream and are now available in Funtoo 1.4 and next
  • There is only one more official autogen to create for Phase 1 of the Telemetry Project: mysqld_exporter-bin
Funtoo:Telemetry February 22, 2022

Phase 1 completed on the Funtoo Discord Live Stream. The final *-bin Prometheus exporter (mysqld_exporter-bin-0.13.0) autogen is now completed.

Funtoo:Telemetry March 8, 2022

Refactored of all of the autogens created during the Project Telemetry's Phase 1 to group autogens in preparation for starting Phase 2

Funtoo:Telemetry March 10, 2022

Started mapping Phase 2 of the Funtoo Project Telemetry. Promu is required before starting and will be the first Golang source based autogen of Phase 2.

Funtoo:Telemetry March 16, 2022

Phase 2 is currently ongoing but partially blocked. Phase 3, building a Golang Funtoo Linux Prometheus Exporter, has officially started its R&D phase. New Project Telemetry Activities have been published.

Funtoo:Telemetry June 21, 2022

Long needed update to the Project Telemetry. There has been lots of activity in Phase 4 of this project recently which included deploying Phase 1 components onto internal Funtoo Infrastructure. This has progressed significantly and we now have Prometheus/Alertmanager/Grafana/Blackbox Exporter all deployed for internal Funtoo containers and infrastructure, running in and LXD container itself. The Funtoo Prometheus Exporter planning is ongoing, active development has not yet started. Phase 2 is not as active but will be moving along so we can start compiling Prometheus components for the arm64 architecture, specifically raspi4.

Funtoo:User Services/Mottainai April 25, 2022

Mottainai Server now has a Community Mode to help on sharing results of the executed tasks for testing/QA. Mottainai Dashboard v0.2.4 has been released.

Funtoo:User:Mtao/Graphics March 15, 2022


Funtoo:Wikiverse February 21, 2022

The Funtoo wiki now has an automated system for documenting and tracking release notes for software. For example, The latest release of metatools is 1.0.3, released on 15 April 2022. It is a regular software release. View Release Notes.

Funtoo:Wikiverse February 22, 2022

I've added new "Updates" to the Project form. This means you can edit any project page with "Edit with Form" and add new status updates as you go. The most recent one will be displayed on your project page. A feed of project updates shows up on the homepage.

Funtoo:Wikiverse March 1, 2022

Project Pages documentation is now live, explaining how Funtoo Project pages work and how to use them. Wikiverse has also been completed with general info about how to work on the wiki.

Funtoo:Wikiverse April 15, 2022

The ability to automagically link to Packages on the wiki via catpkg is working again! (See Help:Funtoo_Editing_Guidelines/Packages for more info, and Funtoo:Networking -- which links to corenetwork -- as an example.)