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Maintain the set of ebuilds for awscli (v1 and v2) with both binary and source installs.

Additionally, this project will maintain updated offerings of Funtoo Linux for use on AWS infrastructure.


This project is focused on the ego command in Funtoo Linux.

Funtoo:Evolved Bootstrap

The 'evolved bootstrap' is a new project to create a technology to build Funtoo Linux completely from scratch.

User:Drobbins User:Pnoecker User:Alex2101 User:Invakid404 User:Brantgurga

KDE is a new project to upgrade all the kde-kit packages to the latest version of KDE, integrate Funtoo metatools into kde-kit, and eventually bring the KDE to a "Grade A" Funtoo support Desktop Environment.

User:R0b User:Siris

Keychain helps you to manage SSH and GPG keys in a convenient and secure manner. It acts as a frontend to ssh-agent and ssh-add, but allows you to easily have one long running ssh-agent process per system, rather than the norm of one ssh-agent per login session.

Funtoo:Macaroni Linux

The Macaroni Linux project is a new project to create a binaries Linux OS based on Funtoo kits.


MATE is a new project to upgrade all the mate-kit packages to the latest version of MATE, integrate Funtoo metatools into mate-kit, and eventually bring the MATE to a "Grade A" Funtoo support Desktop Environment.

User:Ventgrey User:Siris

This is the Funtoo Media project, which manages the contents of media-kit as well as all media-related mix-ins.

User:Drobbins User:Seemant February 8, 2022

We're currently working on stabilizing a 'beard trimmed' media-kit that is now part of next-release, and figuring out what to do with 'extra' media ebuilds that we may not want to have in the core media-kit. We also need to add guidance on what media frameworks are officially supported in Funtoo, and which aren't.


This project is focused on the development of Funtoo's metatools and autogeneration technology.

User:Drobbins User:S4uliu5 User:Alex2101 User:Invakid404

This project is focused on metro, the framework used to create new Funtoo Linux builds.


The Funtoo Networking project oversees the networking stack in Funtoo, including network configuration scripts (corenetwork).

User:Drobbins User:Oleg User:Lego12239 User:Geaaru User:Kcodyjr
Funtoo:New Install Experience

This is the New Install Experience project, which is focused on improving the quality of the installation experience, particularly for new users.

User:Drobbins User:Pnoecker User:Coffnix User:Siris User:Geaaru User:Seemant User:Grouche User:Ventgrey

This is the Next-Release project, which is focused on the "next" release of Funtoo Linux.

Funtoo:Programming Languages

The goal of this project is to enable developers to embrace Funtoo Linux as their preferred platform for programming.

If you have a passion for any language offered (or not yet) in the Funtoo tree, please get in touch with us via Discord, JIRA, or leave a comment below.

User:Drobbins User:Seemant User:Siris User:Invakid404 User:Alex2101 User:Tczaude User:Mrl5

This project is focused on Python support in Funtoo, and oversees python-modules-kit and overall Python integration.


This project is focused on Ruby support in Funtoo, and oversees ruby-kit and overall Ruby integration.


We aim to increase the security and hardening of Funtoo for: Users, Developers and Funtoo itself.

User:Seemant User:Tc User:Mrl5 User:@invakid404 User:@siris User:@alex2101

Telemetry is a new project to upgrade all the core Prometheus and Grafana related packages in Funtoo so that the latest real time metrics collection and analysis tools are available to both desktop and server users. Also, it will track the build out of a new internal observability and alerting platform based on Prometheus for core Funtoo Infrastructure. Most of the development for this project will take place over Discord Live Streams with the Funtoo Community.

Funtoo:User Services

The User Services project is an umbrella project for all of our production services that exist to support the Funtoo Linux user community.

User:Drobbins User:Geaaru User:Gekman
Funtoo:User Services/Mottainai

The Mottainai Linux project is a new project to integrate CD/CI workflow to improve QA.

User:Geaaru User:Siris

This project is focused on the various Graphics API used in Funtoo.

User:Mtao User:Mtao User:Mtao

The Wikiverse project is centered around the MediaWiki technology used by Funtoo, as well as the ongoing organization and community development of documentation on the wiki.