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The 'evolved bootstrap' is a new project to create a technology to build Funtoo Linux completely from scratch.

leads   User:Drobbins User:Pnoecker
members   User:Alex2101 User:Invakid404
contributors   User:Brantgurga

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name   fchroot
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Fchroot is the QEMU-powered tool that is used to chroot into non-native architectures under Funtoo Linux.

name   ffs
support   full

"FFS", or "Funtoo from Scratch", is a repository located at which contains automated build steps for bootstrapping Funtoo, with support for x86-64bit, arm-64bit and powerpc-64bit.

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date   February 10, 2022

We are currently working on a community-oriented warm-up activity to get familiar with the cross-compile process using CLFS. Pnoecker is pushing through the CLFS build process while Drobbins is working on automating the build streamlining it as much as possible.

date   February 22, 2022

Fchroot 0.2 prerelease is being tested on our shared alkaline-dev-1 server. It allows us to chroot into alternate architectures using QEMU. It now has PowerPC support as well as several other improvements.

date   February 1, 2022

Official project launch. Gekman and drobbins are leading the effort. What we are suggesting people do, who want to be involved, is to simply go to "Cross Linux From Scratch", pick a build, and follow their documentation to bootstrap by hand. As you do this, take notes! Note what little changes you need to make to get the instructions to work. Linux From Scratch is a great project. Cross Linux From Scratch is a sub-project which is not always as current as LFS but it has a cross-build toolchain as its foundation. As our own 'from scratch' project evolves, we want to also reflect the positive qualities of the LFS projects by having each bootstrap step documented in a guide. The different with the 'evolved bootstrap' project is that this effort will eventually build a Funtoo image, and it will be automated - but, we will start by just doing the manual upstream CLFS process, observing, and then I will build out a portion of metatools to autogenerate bootstrap scripts to do everything automatically. So start here: -- pick a book, and start whittling away. The last time I did a CLFS build, a few packages needed patches so they would compile with the newer version of glibc on funtoo systems. CLFS tends to trail LFS by quite a lot. If you desire to try more updated versions of packages in your CLFS build, please do, and take notes on any tweaks if any that were needed to get the new version to work.

date   April 7, 2022

The "Funtoo From Scratch" ffs repository now has the ability to build arm-64bit and powerpc-64bit initial native environments, which can then be fchrooted into. See How Can I Get Involved for easy steps you can follow.