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This project is focused on the development of Funtoo's metatools and autogeneration technology.

leads   User:Drobbins
contributors   User:Invakid404

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name   funtoo-metatools
support   full

The tooling that powers Funtoo ebuild management, autogeneration, curation and distribution.

name   subpop
support   full

The simple plugin-oriented framework that supports metatools.

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date   February 22, 2022

drobbins is working on the "master" branch of metatools. With the 1.0.2 release, mongodb is no longer a dependency.

date   February 28, 2022

Drobbins is working on "master" branch, specifically merge-kits, and getting this working fully (currently, "legacy" branch is used for tree regen). This involves upgrading release YAML, implementing support for "sourced" kits, and testing.

date   March 15, 2022

Metatools git master now can successfully regen the tree in "dev" mode. It doesn't use mongodb, or threading like the previous incarnation, but is still faster than the older threaded version. This is an important milestone -- soon we will be using this version for production tree regens.

date   April 15, 2022

Metatools 1.0.3 has been released, with a bunch of improvements including support for running merge-kits.

date   August 19, 2022

Metatools 1.1.0 has been released, which includes a lot of new features and improvements.

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