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Telemetry is a new project to upgrade all the core Prometheus and Grafana related packages in Funtoo so that the latest real time metrics collection and analysis tools are available to both desktop and server users. Also, it will track the build out of a new internal observability and alerting platform based on Prometheus for core Funtoo Infrastructure. Most of the development for this project will take place over Discord Live Streams with the Funtoo Community.

leads   User:Siris

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name   Core Prometheus and Grafana Bin Autogens
support   partial

Convert all Prometheus and Grafana related Gentoo staging packages to funtoo-metatools autogenerated binary packages, that dynamically pull the latest release from the associated package's GitHub Releases

name   Core Prometheus and Grafana Source Autogens
support   none

Create new funtoo-metaltools powered compile based autogenerated packages that build from the upstream Prometheus related package source code

name   Funtoo Prometheus Exporter
support   none

Engineer a custom Golang Funtoo Prometheus exporter on that can expose all types of fun and useful Prometheus metrics about a Funtoo Linux system

name   Funtoo Prometheus Infrastructure Integration
support   none

Deploy any new or needed Prometheus related infrastructure including Prometheus instances and Prometheus exporters to measure different metrics all throughout and across the Funtoo internal infrastructure.

name with Discord Alerts Feed Channel
support   none

Create and launch a publicly viewable Grafana Site running atop Funtoo Infrastructure to visualize all Funtoo Infrastructure related Prometheus data. Instrument a new Discord channel called #alerts-feed that streams Prometheus Alertmanager Alerts directly to Funtoo Discord Server and to the community regarding infrastructure health

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date   February 22, 2022

Phase 1 completed on the Funtoo Discord Live Stream. The final *-bin Prometheus exporter (mysqld_exporter-bin-0.13.0) autogen is now completed.

date   February 18, 2022
  • FL-9455 app-metrics/blackbox_exporter_bin autogen failing was mitigated during a Funtoo Discord Community Live Stream
  • Consul_exporter-bin 0.8.0 auto-generated package created during a Funtoo Discord Community Live Stream and are now available in Funtoo 1.4 and next
  • There is only one more official autogen to create for Phase 1 of the Telemetry Project: mysqld_exporter-bin
date   February 15, 2022

Memcached_exporter-bin 0.9.0 and redis_exporter-bin v1.35.1 auto-generated packages created during a Funtoo Discord Community Live Stream and are now available in Funtoo 1.4 and next

date   February 14, 2022

Alertmanager-bin v0.23.0 and blackbox_exporter-bin v0.19.0 auto-generated packages are now available in Funtoo 1.4 and next

date   February 12, 2022
  • Prometheus-bin autogen created and merged, making it available in Funtoo 1.4 and next (autogened to v2.33.1, v2.33.2, and most recently v2.33.3)
  • Alertmanager-bin autogen created and is in code review.
  • The latest Prometheus, Alertmanager, node_exporter and Grafana bin CatPkgs all have been tested locally via their OpenRC init scripts and are working on Funtoo 1.4
  • Here is a screenshot of the beginnings of a Funtoo node_exporter Grafana dashboard dashboard, all powered by the above software on a local Funtoo 1.4 system:
node_exporter funtoo grafana dashboard
date   February 9, 2022
  • Grafana-bin v8.3.4 autogen has been created via Funtoo Discord Live Stream hacking event and merged, making it available in Funtoo 1.4 (autogened to v8.3.5 and v8.3.6 days after)
  • Prometheus node_exporter v1.3.1 autogen has been created, merged, and is available in Funtoo 1.4
  • Partial autogen.yml foundation for single binary Prometheus exporter GitHub released tarballs has been created. Subsequent autogens of Official Prometheus upstream and community exporters can leverage reuse this work directly.
date   March 8, 2022

Refactored of all of the autogens created during the Project Telemetry's Phase 1 to group autogens in preparation for starting Phase 2

date   March 10, 2022

Started mapping Phase 2 of the Funtoo Project Telemetry. Promu is required before starting and will be the first Golang source based autogen of Phase 2.

date   March 16, 2022

Phase 2 is currently ongoing but partially blocked. Phase 3, building a Golang Funtoo Linux Prometheus Exporter, has officially started its R&D phase. New Project Telemetry Activities have been published.

date   June 21, 2022

Long needed update to the Project Telemetry. There has been lots of activity in Phase 4 of this project recently which included deploying Phase 1 components onto internal Funtoo Infrastructure. This has progressed significantly and we now have Prometheus/Alertmanager/Grafana/Blackbox Exporter all deployed for internal Funtoo containers and infrastructure, running in and LXD container itself. The Funtoo Prometheus Exporter planning is ongoing, active development has not yet started. Phase 2 is not as active but will be moving along so we can start compiling Prometheus components for the arm64 architecture, specifically raspi4.