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# [[Install/MBR_Partitioning|MBR Partitioning]].
# [[Install/MBR_Partitioning|MBR Partitioning]].
# [[Install/GPT_Partitioning|GPT Partitioning]].
# [[Install/GPT_Partitioning|GPT Partitioning]].
# [[Creating_Filesystems|Create]] and [[Mounting_Filesystems|mount]] filesystems.
# [[Install/Creating_Filesystems|Create]] and [[Install/Mounting_Filesystems|mount]] filesystems.
# [[Install/Setting_the_Date|Setting the Date]].
# [[Install/Setting_the_Date|Setting the Date]].
# [[Install/Download_and_Extract_Stage3|Install the Funtoo stage tarball]] of your choice.
# [[Install/Download_and_Extract_Stage3|Install the Funtoo stage tarball]] of your choice.

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Install Guide: Introduction

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This document was written to help you install Funtoo Linux on PC-compatible systems, while keeping distracting options regarding system configuration to a minimum.

If you've had previous experience installing Gentoo Linux then a lot of steps will be familiar, but you should still read through as there are a few differences. If you're new to installing a Gentoo-based Linux, or new to Linux entirely -- welcome! We have attempted to make these installation instructions understandable to new users as well.


If you are installing Funtoo Linux on ARM architecture, please see Funtoo Linux Installation on ARM for notable differences regarding ARM support.

Installation Overview

This is a basic overview of the Funtoo Linux installation process. Note that if you are using the section-by-section documentation, the links below won't work. Instead, use the "Next" link above to proceed to each successive section. Click here to view the entire Install Guide on a single page, suitable for printing.

  1. Download and boot the live CD of your choice.
  2. Prepare your disk.
  3. MBR Partitioning.
  4. GPT Partitioning.
  5. Create and mount filesystems.
  6. Setting the Date.
  7. Install the Funtoo stage tarball of your choice.
  8. Chroot into your new system.
  9. Download the Portage tree.
  10. Configure your system.
  11. Introducing Portage.
  12. Install a kernel.
  13. Install a bootloader.
  14. Configure the Network.
  15. Complete final steps.
  16. After installed, the Profiles.
  17. All Done!, Enjoy!.