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Page CatPkg RepoID Homepage Summary USE Vars
Package:389 Directory Server net-nds/389-ds-base This is the core part of 389 Directory Server -- technically, all you need for an LDAP deployment, although many will want to install 389-ds-admin for the graphical management capabilities, too.
Package:389 Directory Server Admin Server net-nds/389-admin The 389 Directory Server Admin Server is an Apache-based application server that can optionally be deployed alongside 389 Directory Server. It allows for remote Java-based management of your 389 Directory Server deployment.
Package:389 Directory Server AdminUtil dev-libs/389-adminutil AdminUtil is a set of utility functions written in C, and a dependency of 389 Directory Server.
Package:389 Directory Server Console app-admin/389-ds-console This is the Java-based remote management console that is used for managing 389 Directory Server (administration as well as the server app itself.)
Package:ACPI Daemon sys-power/acpid Daemon for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
Package:ACPI Light sys-power/acpilight Replacement for xbacklight that uses the ACPI interface to set brightness
Package:Advanced init system with service supervision sys-process/runit runit is a cross-platform Unix init scheme with service supervision, a replacement for sysvinit, and other init schemes. It runs on GNU/Linux, *BSD, MacOSX, Solaris, and can easily be adapted to other Unix operating systems.
Package:AMD Catalyst Video Drivers x11-drivers/ati-drivers Accelerated ATI/AMD binary drivers for Radeon HD 5000 and newer chipsets.
Package:Apache www-servers/apache The Apache Web Server
Package:Apache-tools app-admin/apache-tools Useful Apache tools - htdigest, htpasswd, ab, htdbm
Package:APC UPS Daemon sys-power/apcupsd APC UPS daemon with integrated network-based remote shutdown
Package:Apparmor sys-apps/apparmor Userspace utils and init scripts for the AppArmor application security system
Package:Appi dev-python/appi Another Portage Python Interface
Package:Ardour media-sound/ardour Ardour is a fully featured audio and MIDI multi-track recording and editing digital audio workstation.
Package:Audacious Music Player media-sound/audacious Audacious is a lightweight GTK-based music player which supports many formats. It does not use the library concept but rather playlists for managing your music.
Package:Awesome (Window Manager) x11-wm/awesome A dynamic floating and tiling window manager.
Package:Baselayout sys-apps/baselayout Filesystem baselayout, initscripts and /sbin/realdev command
Package:Bash app-shells/bash The standard GNU Bourne-again shell.
Package:Bash completion app-shells/bash-completion Bash tab-completion
Package:Batik dev-java/batik Java-based SVG toolkit.
Package:Bcache-tools sys-fs/bcache-tools Tool-chain for bcache.
Package:Bind net-dns/bind BIND - Berkeley Internet Name Domain - Name Server
Package:Bind-tools net-dns/bind-tools bind tools: dig, nslookup, host, nsupdate, dnssec-keygen
Package:Bitwig Studio media-sound/bitwig-studio Music production and performance system
Package:Blender media-gfx/blender 3D Creation/Animation/Publishing System
Package:Bluefish editor app-editors/bluefish An editor for programmers and web developers
Package:Boo dev-lang/boo A wrist-friendly language for the CLI.
Package:Boot-Update sys-boot/boot-update Funtoo Core Boot Framework for global boot loader configuration
Package:Bootchart2 app-benchmarks/bootchart2 bootchart2 is a boot benchmark tool
Package:Brave www-client/brave-bin Brave web browser based on Chromium
Package:BSF Bean Scripting Framework dev-java/bsf A framework that allows many scripting languages to be plugged into a Java application.
Package:CA Certificates app-misc/ca-certificates This package contains SSL certificates in PEM format that are used to validate the authenticity of remote systems, using the certificate authority system.
Package:Camorama media-video/camorama A webcam application featuring various image filters
Package:CCache dev-util/ccache CCACHE is an application that caches compilation results and reuses it in future compilations in order to achieve faster compile times.
Package:Chromium www-client/chromium Chromium is the Open Source Web browser that serves as the foundation for Google Chrome.
Package:Chrony net-misc/chrony Chrony is a pair of programs (chronyd and chronyc) which are used to maintain the accuracy of the system clock on a computer. chronyd has been specifically written to work well for systems which have only an intermittent (e.g. dial-up) connection to the network where the NTP servers are. It still wo
Package:Chuse app-portage/chuse A USE flags manager
Package:Clamav app-antivirus/clamav Clam Anti-Virus Scanner
Package:Compton x11-misc A compositor for X.
Package:Corenetwork sys-apps/corenetwork These are the Funtoo network configuration scripts, called "corenetwork".
Package:Coreutils sys-apps/coreutils Standard GNU file utilities (chmod, cp, dd, dir, ls...), text utilities (sort, tr, head, wc..), and shell utilities (whoami, who,...)
Package:Cx Oracle dev-python/cx-oracle Python interface to Oracle.
Package:Darktable media-gfx/darktable A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
Package:Dash app-shells/dash DASH is a direct descendant of the NetBSD version of ash (the Almquist SHell) and is POSIX compliant
Package:Dbus sys-apps/dbus A message bus ystem, a simple way for applications to talk to each other
Package:DeaDBeeF media-sound/deadbeef A foobar2000-like music player
Package:Debian-sources sys-kernel/debian-sources This is the Debian kernel. This is default recommended kernel to use in [[Funtoo_Linux_Installation]]
Package:Debian-sources/pt-br sys-kernel/debian-sources Esse é o kernel do Debian. Esse é recomendado por padrão para utilizar na [[Funtoo_Linux_Installation]]
Package:Dhcpcd net-misc/dhcpcd A fully featured, yet light weight RFC2131 compliant DHCP client
Package:Dictd Moby Thesaurus app-dicts/dictd-moby-thesaurus This package contains the Moby Thesaurus, produced as part of the Moby Project. It is designed to work with dictd dictionary server.
Package:Dirvish Backup app-backup/dirvish Simple text-based configuration backup program composed of perl wrappers and using ssh and rsync
Package:Dnscrypt net-dns/dnscrypt-proxy A tool for securing communications between a client, and a DNS resolver.
Package:Dnsmasq net-dns/dnsmasq Small forwarding DNS server
Package:Docker app-emulation/docker Docker complements kernel namespacing with a high-level API which operates at the process level
Package:Dovecot net-mail/dovecot An IMAP and POP3 server written with security primarily in mind
Package:Drbd sys-cluster/drbd mirror/replicate block-devices across a network-connection: This is the user space tools to control, configure the DRBD driver, as well as integration programs and scripts that glues the DRBD system to cluster management software and other system components.
Package:Drupal www-apps/drupal PHP-based open-source platform and content management system
Package:Dwm x11-wm/dwm <code>dwm</code> is an extremely fast and lightweight window manager. It manages windows in tiled, floating and monocle layouts.
Package:Eclipse dev-util/eclipse-sdk-bin A powerful integrated development environment (IDE) written in Java.
Package:Ego app-admin/ego Funtoo's configuration tools: ego, epro.
Package:Eix app-portage/eix A command to search and query ebuilds, portage including local settings, overlays, version changes, and more.
Package:Emacs app-editors/emacs The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor
Package:Erlang dev-lang/erlang Erlang is a programming language designed at the Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory. Open-source Erlang is being released to help encourage the spread of Erlang outside Ericsson.
Package:Eselect app-admin/eselect This is Gentoo's multi-purpose management and configuration tool. The Funtoo version has been enhanced to support Funtoo's enhanced profile system.
Package:Eselect (Java) app-admin/eselect-java Eselect (Java) is a Java module for eselect that is used to set the system JRE/JVM on Funtoo Linux systems.
Package:Eselect (Jython) app-admin/eselect-jython An eselect module to manage the active system Jython implementation.
Package:Eselect (OpenGL) app-admin/eselect-opengl A Gentoo/Funtoo utility that allows the active OpenGL implementation on a system to be switched between a variety of installed options.
Package:Eselect (Ruby) app-admin/eselect-ruby This eselect module manages the active system implmentation of Ruby.
Package:Eselect (Sh) app-admin/eselect-sh This eselect module manages the /bin/sh (POSIX shell) symlink.
Package:Ethtool sys-apps/ethtool Utility for examining and tuning ethernet-based network interfaces
Package:Feh media-gfx/feh A fast, lightweight imageviewer using imlib2
Package:Firewalld net-firewall/firewalld A firewall daemon with D-BUS interface providing a dynamic firewall
Package:Fluxbox x11-wm/fluxbox The Fluxbox Window Manager
Package:FreeMarker dev-java/freemarker FreeMarker is a template engine; a generic tool to generate text output based on templates.
Package:GDM gnome-base/gdm GNOME Display Manager for managing graphical display servers and user logins
Package:Geany editor dev-util/geany A lightweight development environment for programmers.
Package:Genlop app-portage/genlop A nice emerge.log parser.
Package:Gentoo Syntax (Vim) app-vim/gentoo-syntax A vim plugin that provides Funtoo ebuild, eclass, GLEP, ChangeLog and Portage file syntax highlighting, filetype and indent settings.
Package:Gentoolkit app-portage/gentoolkit Collection of administration scripts for funtoo
Package:Gexiv2 media-libs/gexiv2 GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library.
Package:Ghost (Blogging Platform) www-apps/ghost Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do.
Package:Git dev-vcs/git GIT - the stupid content tracker, the revision control system heavily used by the Linux kernel team
Package:Git Subtree dev-vcs/git-subtree An experimental alternative to the git-submodule command. Merges and splits subtrees from your project into subprojects and back.
Package:Gnome-sudoku games-puzzle/gnome-sudoku Test your logic skills in this number grid puzzle
Package:Gnupg app-crypt/gnupg The GNU Privacy Guard, a GPL pgp replacement
Package:Gpm sys-libs/gpm Console-based mouse driver
Package:Guile dev-scheme/guile GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions.
Package:Gzip app-arch/gzip Gzip is the standard GNU compressor/decompressor, used to create and expand .gz archives.
Package:Hydrogen media-sound/hydrogen A high quality drum synthesizer and sequencer.
Package:I3 (Window Manager) x11-wm/i3 An improved dynamic tiling window manager
Package:IBus app-i18n/ibus Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS
Package:IBus Bamboo app-i18n/ibus-bamboo Vietnamese Bamboo engine for IBus
Package:IBus Handwrite app-i18n/ibus-handwrite Hand write recognition/input for IBus
Package:IBus Hangul app-i18n/ibus-hangul Korean Hangul engine for IBus
Package:IBus Libpinyin app-i18n/ibus-libpinyin Intelligent Pinyin and Bopomofo input methods based on LibPinyin for IBus
Package:IBus m17n app-i18n/ibus-m17n m17n engine for ibus
Package:IBus Pinyin app-i18n/ibus-pinyin Chinese PinYin IMEngine for IBus Framework
Package:IBus Table app-i18n/ibus-table The Table Engine for IBus Framework
Package:Ibus Typing Booster app-i18n/ibus-typing-booster A plugin for ibus that helps the user type faster by learning the user's typing style and by using dictionaries
Package:Ibus Unikey app-i18n/ibus-unikey Vietnamese UniKey engine for IBus